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Interview with the HR Manager for 2014, Ms. Magdalena Slavejkova

1: Take in consideration you are an electrical engineer. Why did you choose human resources? Have you ever thought that you might have to choose something else?

Sometimes professional challenges come suddenly, without planning. But that is a sort of test that shows how much a person is willing to change and learn, and thus to thrive. My example shows just that. Specifically, as a graduate electrical engineer at the beginning of my career, my focus of interest was placed on production processes. Thus I started my career in the factory where I was able to learn a lot about the production and about the way how the various business units of the company are interrelated and act as a single organism. That experience was valuable for me then and now, especially at this job position. When you have the whole picture of a great company, its specific characteristics and needs, you can do better estimates in the segment of human resources. Taking into consideration that the company are the people, Human Resources was a real challenge for me. I am pleased that my professional development led me to this position which is filled with many challenges.

Q2: How do you value the experience as a first elected HR manager of the year, which completes the first cycle of this important process for Macedonian Human Resources Association as organizer of the selection? Whether and how this choice contributes to raising awareness of the importance of the HR profession in the society?

As mentioned previously, human resources are an essential part of a company, because here are summarized all activities of the company, through the people. Therefore, it can be easily concluded that Human Resources must give a good response to the expectations of the people who perform these functions so all operations in a company can operate seamlessly. Thus, the development of the profession manager human resources is extremely important. Macedonian Human Resources Association will significantly help in the promotion of the profession and, more importantly, for its development. Given the fact that the HR manager is working with living matter which is very delicate, the development and the monitoring of new needs and trends are crucial for good performance of this function. Simultaneously, it is the basis for achieving the most important goal of the HR manager - along with the company's management to create conditions in which all employees will be satisfied and motivated enough to be productive and efficient in operation.

Q3: As a potential candidate in the election, you were nominated by your colleague from the same field. Do you think it was a crucial part of your registration, or you think it should be, primarily a result of self-initiative?

The way in which the nomination is performed, in my opinion, is right. But more important is the essence of why we do all this within the Association, and it is our development as individuals in the area. Also something very important -through all these activities and efforts, we contribute to set standards in performance and for the future generations to trace a route which in itself will include all modern practices in the field.

Q4: Some job positions require creativity, other analytical skills, more systematic skills, third communication, flexibility and so on. What kind of skills do you think are required to possess a successful manager of human resources?

HR Manager must be creative and analytical, but also systematic, flexible, convenient and above all rational. HR Manager needs to know the human nature and to bond the nature and the business culture of the company on the best possible way. In this profession you must keep in mind that the work is severe segment in the lives of employees and our task is to make this part of their life pleasant. Because this is the only way where we can expect results and company developments. In USJE, we are committed on this particular segment. For us, the employees are our big family and we just nurture those relationships. The practice shows that it is a good formula for achieving the goals.

Q5: Where do we usually make mistakes?

I do not see things as a mistake. Normally while working, although the intention is always good, sometimes we do not achieve the desired results. But it is not a mistake. As much as we are theoretically shod, the practice has its traps, and they must be overcome, because it is the only way to achieve progress and make the right decisions. The most important thing in this process is to have a continuous system of evaluation to signal that something is not as it should be and immediately we have to offer new solutions. That is the secret.

Q6: What are the biggest challenges that an HR Manager is facing in Macedonia? And what are the biggest challenges that you face in "Titan"?

The biggest challenge of the profession, regardless of where and in which industry is practiced is meeting the expectations of all parties involved in the process. In this profession violating expectations of the management and expectations of employees is too often. To balance these sometimes even conflicting parties is neither simple nor easy, but it is the job of HR manager. It is not impossible. By best practices and strategic approach the results are always visible to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Q7: How is it now and how it should be the role of human resources departments in Macedonian companies?

The role and position of the Department of Human Resources is a strategic and only if it is treated that way, it can be successfully practiced and can give results. Specifically, human resources have to be involved in all activities and decisions of the management in order to make appropriate proposals and how properly to realize a decision and make preparation for it. Otherwise it cannot be expected that the HR Department will implement actions that will produce results.

Q8: Do you think that the support of the company is of crucial importance for the success of an HR manager?

Human resources are an inseparable part of a greater whole - the company. All parts of the company are interrelated and can work and produce results only as part of a larger system. The mutual support of various sectors is necessary, of course, is a precondition for meeting the objectives.

Q9: What would you recommend to colleagues from HR field for inclusion in the next round of the selection process of the HR Manager of the Year, which will start with the beginning of the next 2015?

The important thing is our jointly commitment and effort to develop our profession and the introduction of international standards and practices. That way not only will contribute to the development of our profession, but it will also contribute to the affirmation of the profession and the companies and the general public. Therefore it is important, all of us who is in this profession to engage in the activities of the Association and thus give a concrete contribution.
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