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HRM Dictionary

The first dictionary of HRM terms prepared by MHRA

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Macedonian Human Resources Association organizes specialized training:

Performance management and career management

March 28, 2015 in M6 Educational Center in Skopje, starting at 9:00 am

Why some organizations are more successful than others? What do they apply in their work in order to mark constant progress and success, and their employees to be motivated to work, at the same time to take care for their development and improve their knowledge with the support of the organization?

Performance management system and career management are the basic HR systems which are necessary and have visible effects on efficient and effective functioning of an organization. On this training you will be introduced with how the performance management system is established, its role, the risks and errors that can occur in measuring performance, and structural analysis of the results. System performance management is closely connected to the system for career management of staff i.e. managing and development of careers which means improving the position of the whole company or achieving organizational development.

Part 1: Performance management of employees
Lecturer: MA Christina Lozanoska

In the first part of this training you will have the opportunity to meet practically with the HR Performance management system and its effects on the overall success of the organization.

Training content:

1.      Placement

·         Objectives of performance management system
·         Regulations and internal procedure (evaluation process)
·         Criteria for evaluation
·         Categories of success

2.      Roles

·         The role of the HRM Department
·         The role of managers
·         A continuous two-way communication
·         Providing quality feedback
·         Linking the individual goals with the organizational
·         Clarity of expectations and requirements, SMART goals
·         360 Evaluation

3.      Risks

·         Risks and errors in the assessment

4.      Analysis and application of the results

·         Analysis and application of the results
·         Bell curve of normal distribution
·         Open discussion about opportunities for career development
·         Strengthening the competencies of managers

Part 2: Career Management of employees
Lecturer: MA Aleksandra Kacarski

In the second part of the training will be presented Career Management of employees, as an integral part of the organization to motivate, develop and retain employees.

Training content:

1.       Management, development and career guidance

2.       Individual and organizational responsibility for career development

3.       Communication and discussion of career (formal and informal process)

4.       Integrated model for career development (roles and responsibilities)

·         Organization
·         HR, managerial structure
·         Employee – individual

5.       Model for career guidance of employees


This training is intended for all professionals in the field of human resource management and entities who hold management responsibilities or those aiming at such positions, and have a desire to acquire or improve their knowledge with insight into the two main systems of HR practice applied to any organization.

Lecturers of the training:

Hristina Lozanoska is president of the Macedonian Association of HR 2012, currently working as head of the Department of Human Resources Development at the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, leaving behind more than 16 years’ experience in the National Bank on more job positions, out which 10 years in the field of human resource management. The professional engagements she complements through active participation in standardization into the profession HRM, as chairman of the Technical Committee TC 42 for HR standards under the Institute for Standardization of RM. Also, she participates actively in projects for development of the profession and the development of human capital in the country, as a consultant. As a guest lecturer, she has held training at the departments for management of human resources of the State Faculty of Economics, and at the University American College Skopje. Christina is a Master of Economics in Ljubljana (KMBA) in Management and Organization, with specialization in Human Resource Management, topic HRM model.

Aleksandra Kacarski certified career counselor (Global Career Development Facilitator - GCDF ", USA, ECCB), Certified Career Coach (CC, Career Coach Institute, USA), and works as an independent specialist in HR Management for Human Resources at the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. Her business activities are associated with professional development, further formation and development of employees in the National Bank. She is an active member of the Macedonian Human Resources Association of 2011. She has had lectures on postgraduate studies in Management of Human Resources, Faculty of Philosophy - Skopje, associated with the motivation of employees in the organization. Her Master's degree were in management of human resources in social activities and completed with the defense of the thesis "Career counseling in organizations and career development of employees."

Fee and registration for participation:

·         The fee per participant is 4000 denars
·         Members of MHRA have discount of 20% (3200 denars)
·         For students and students who are member of the MHRA follows a special promotional offer

Registration for participation at: or by phone 078/389-277.

The deadline for registration and payment of participants lasts until March 26, 2015.

EAPM Membership

MHRA is a full-fledged member of the European Association for People Management – EAPM.
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For the past twenty-five years the Human Resource Competency Study (HRCS) has answered the question, “What knowledge and abilities are necessary for successful HR professionals?” Round 7 of this study will help shape the future of HR and further define the contributions that HR makes to business success. 


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